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“Damn, who is this this time of night?” I was watching at encore episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta when I got a text from Mike. He’s the only one I would miss my housewives for. The text read, Danielle and me broke up. “Whaaaaaat!”

His news was like a thunderbolt through my heart. I started fingering keys, misspelling words in a rush to respond back. Whut happned?

I just felt her slipping away. I was getting the feeling that she was no longer interested in me.

R U Okay? I asked him.

Not Really. What r u doin’? Mike wrote back and asked.

Nothin’. Just watchin’ TV.

I had a feeling where this was going.

Can you come over?

And sure enough.

“Fuck, right now?” I said to myself. I had just taken a shower and was in my pajamas. I was in for the night. It was nasty and wet from the storm Tally had earlier and I had zero plans to step my ass out in that nasty weather, but I didn’t want to turn my back on Mike. Not tonight when he needed someone to talk to obviously. I let out a sigh and then texted him back.

Yeah. I can be there in ten minutes.

Kewl, he said.

To be honest, I wasn’t surprised. Everyone that I have talked to about Mike says he has some growing up to do and I will bet you any amount of money that’s why Danielle broke up with him, or that’s probably one of the reasons. I changed into some jeans and slipped my feet into my sneaks. I grabbed the warmest coat I had hanging in my closet, which is a navy fleece with a hood that I’ve had for years and would never part with. I grabbed the keys off the dining room table. As soon as I opened the door the brisk chill was like a pimp slap in my face.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! It’s cold!” I pulled the hood of my coat over my head and hauled ass to my car. I turned the heater up as high as it would go. I didn’t have a/c worth a damn in my Oldsmobile, but thank fucking God I had heat. By the time I reached the north side of town, Mike’s neck of the woods, the car was good and toasty. I pulled into the parking lot of Mike’s apartment complex. I found his car and parked next to him. I could make out his silhouette in the living room window.

“Damn, he must really need to talk.”

I shoved my hands in the deep pocket of my coat as I made my way to the set of stairs that wound up to his apartment. Mike answered with his hands shoved in the pockets of his jeans.

“What’s up?” I said.

“’Sup?” Mike wedged the door open enough to let me in.”

“Hurry up. It’s cold as fuck outside.”

Mike and Danielle Broke Up


eBook Cover Price: 1.99

Length: 24 pdf Pages / 3,142 words

M/M Romance, Bisexual

Heat rating: 2