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Claude knew me like the back of his hand. I was saying no, but my dick, which started to harden the minute he started talking about my eating his booty, was saying, Shane, get your horny ass up and go smash that.” Claude sounded like he was about to explode if he didn’t get a nut. We used to fuck around on and off when him and his wife Tanisha was just living together, before he decided to tie the knot. We would mess around in the morning after she headed off to work. He told me he didn’t want to do anything once he got married.

“I’ve gotten it out of my system. It was just a cheap thrill for me.”

I didn’t like being called a cheap thrill, but whatever. I knew he would be back. Niggas like Claude always come back, sniffing around like hound dogs in heat when their lady won’t go down on them. “That’s cool,” I said, and left his ass alone. It ain’t like he’s the only swinging dick in the world. That didn’t hide the bulge in my pajama pants Claude was responsible for causing, not to mention the dirty thoughts that were rolling around in my head.

“Fine, but you betta be booty-ass naked when I get there.”

“Just hurry up,” Claude grinned.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

“You gon’ be my bitch tonight,” he said.  

I slipped my feet into my flip-flops and grabbed my keys off the dining room table. I wasn’t about to put on anything special for Claude’s down-low ass.

Just Married


eBook Cover Price: 1.99

Length: 24 pdf Pages / 3641 words

M/M, Erotic Romance

Heat rating: 4