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A night at the movies becomes something more exciting when Zoë discovers her girlfriend has brought along an extra surprise.

Zoë and Chris enjoy toys as much as the next couple, but Zoë was never expecting her cute, pretty girlfriend to show up for their date packing a cock. The anticipation drives her wild and, as Zoë forgets all about the movie, the night sees both girls give way to a thrilling, risky adventure.

Packing Heat was previously published by loveyoudivine Alterotica.

Chris seemed really relaxed, slouching in the seat with her legs splayed—her “dude watching football” pose, Zoë called it, much to her girlfriend’s amusement—and, when Zoë reached over for popcorn, hoping for an illicit brush of skin on skin in the tub, Chris shot her a really wicked grin.

Zoë didn’t understand why until well after the movie started.

It wasn’t a terribly dramatic film, but then they hadn’t particularly wanted cerebral entertainment. Instead, it was just a bit of silly fun: superheroes and big explosions, with some leather-clad female eye candy doing gratuitous high kicks and martial arts moves that showed off their tight buns… not that Zoë was complaining. With the popcorn gone and the drinks down to the watery last third that was mainly full of ice, she had Chris’s arm around her shoulders and, as the explosions and mutant-powered car chases rained around them, there wasn’t a nicer place to be than snuggled up next to her girl.

Zoë let her hand rest on Chris’s leg, just above her knee, and she didn’t really mean anything naughty by the action; it was just a comfortable way to sit. She wasn’t going out of her way to sneak a grope although, from the way Chris shifted as Zoë’s fingers skimmed the denim, she suspected her sweetie wouldn’t have minded at all. To be honest, neither would Zoë. The film was fine, but they had never really meant it as more than a prelude to the evening ahead, and Zoë was already looking forward to that.

She squirmed slightly in her seat as idle fantasies for night before them played across her mind. She intended to go back to Chris’s place for the weekend, and a whole two days stretched out ahead of them, full of the potential for pleasure.

As things exploded onscreen, and the leather-clad female eye candy leapt gracefully and athletically out of the fireball, Chris reached down and took Zoë’s wrist. The eye candy did some high kicks, bullets flew and people shouted, and Chris began to gently guide Zoë’s hand further up her leg.

Zoë grinned in the color-splashed darkness. The theater wasn’t completely packed out, but it was more than two thirds full… certainly full enough for this to feel very naughty indeed. The seats directly next to them were empty, and though Zoë was fairly sure the guy and his girlfriend further along the row were more interested in their own tonsil hockey match than anything she and Chris got up to, she still winced a bit at the thought of what she assumed Chris wanted. Sexy though the idea was, there was no way Zoë was going to finger her girlfriend in the middle of a crowded theater.

However, as her hand settled on Chris’s upper thigh, her eyes widened in surprise, and Zoë finally realized what had seemed different about her girl tonight.

Chris was packing a cock.

Packing Heat


eBook Cover Price: 1.99

Length: 32 pdf Pages / 4785 words

Lesbian, FemErotica, Contemporary

Heat rating: 4