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There’s a first time for everything and, as Rae lets her girlfriend take control, she’s about to learn just how intense the sensations behind a blindfold can be.

Somehow, not being able to see what’s coming next makes the sensations all the more intense and, as blonde, beautiful Elsje teases her with soft, sensual toys, spanking, and a host of other devious delights, Rae realizes just how much the blindfold increases her sensitivity… and her excitement.

Experiments with bondage, spanking, and toys lift sex to new heights, and Rae discovers a whole world of unimagined pleasure.

The Velvet Gateway was previously published by loveyoudivine Alterotica.

“Are you nervous?”

That low, warm voice seems to slice through the shadows, and yet be a part of them. The blindfold makes it difficult to tell where the darkness behind Rae’s eyelids ends; what is intrinsically her, and what is the cloth and the dim, candlelit room beyond. It blurs her perimeters, makes her uncertain and sets the world askew around her. It’s a barrier, she supposes, and that’s good. It sets her apart.  

This soft, enveloping darkness… it should make everything sharp in comparison. It should make her other senses stand out, until the air is velvet on her skin and she can hear every whisper and tone in Elsje’s breathing, smell her scent, feel the warmth of her proximity… but she can’t.

Rae hasn’t done this before. She isn’t used to it yet.

“I said, are you nervous?” Elsje asks again, her voice growing a little firmer now, because she’s slipping into the groove of taking control.

That thought makes Rae feel giddy. They’re really doing it. This thing that she’s wanted for so long—thought about, dreamed about, hoped for in such a tangled, complicated way—and they’re doing it. She’s read a hundred different stories, watched a hundred different videos, had a hundred different dreams… touched herself to the tune of every single one of them, and yet it feels so strange to be at the heart of the fantasy. It’s real now, and her breathing grows light and short as that reality sinks in.

She tenses her arms, wriggling against the softness of the bed. The thick, soft neoprene cuffs support her wrists, hugging them tightly, and the black satin ties that connect them to the bed’s metal frame have just enough give in them for her to move slightly. She can tug if she wants, flex if she needs to, but her arms are pinned above her head: two shallow curves fixed in easy loops, exposing the shaven hollows of her underarms, and pushing the delicate scoops of her collar bones into a collage of troughs and peaks. Her nipples harden to pebbles as she wets her lips with a tentative tongue.

“Yes,” she murmurs. “A little bit.”

There’s a safety in the blindfold, Rae supposes. It makes it easier to admit the things she feels… the things she wants. She thinks, for a moment, Elsje will touch her, comfort her, remind her that this is a game and it’s all right to be new to the rules.

But she doesn’t.

The Velvet Gateway


eBook Cover Price: 1.99

Length: 28 pdf Pages / 4724 words

Lesbian, FemErotica, Kink

Heat rating: 4