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A chance meeting brings Laura and Freya together. Will their mutual attraction last beyond one night of passion?

Contemporary f/f, Lesbian Erotica

Two women thrown together by circumstance fight their attraction for each other.

Lesbian Romance, Erotic Romance

A dark secret threatens Tara’s dream of a happy ever after life with Cheryl. Lesbian Romance, Erotic Romance

Cal Carson is sorely tempted when a stranger arrives at her door offering sex. But is the price too high?

Lesbian Erotica,  

Kezia thought her life couldn’t get any worse but events proved her wrong.

M/M – M/M/ F, Menage, Suspense,

Bisexual Erotica

A new partner, and a new assignment, turns Kay’s life upside down. Can she ignore the irresistible temptation and concentrate on her job?

Lesbian, Erotic Romance, Suspense  

How can anyone resist those eyes?

Gay, Drama, Romance

All it takes is a little love to warm his heart

Gay,  Romance,

Christmas in July Desire & Deception Hold Me Tight

To fall in love, really in love, would be an awfully big adventure.

Gay Historical Romance Playscript

The Death of Peter Pan

Why does he feel so strange when he’s given love the bird?

Gay, Bisexual, Romance

Love With A Side Order Of Pelicans

Two women, a lovely old house, and an ancient family feud, come together in this story set in North Yorkshire, close to the quaint seaside town of Whitby.

Lesbian, Drama,

From Scotland to London, Amsterdam, and New York, two women struggle to build an enduring relationship in the face of adversity.

Lesbian Romance, Suspense

Could Bryana place her trust in a total stranger? A need for sexual satisfaction drove her to forget all the rules and submit to Cassie, the mistress of this dungeon of dark desires.

Lesbian Erotic Romance

Taming Bryana

Can Ria really trust her heart and believe in love at first sight?

Lesbian Romance, Erotic Romance

A Reckless Affair

Four pairs of lovers get their Happily Ever After.

Gay, Romance, Drama

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Don we now our gay apparel.

Gay, Bisexual, Romance

All For Love

What’s a rose when compared to the flowering of real love?

Gay Romance, Drama, Contemporary

He Won’t Send Roses Homo for the Holidays

Six Lesbian Couples Get A Happy Ending

Sometimes love at first sight, and the happy-ever-after or even the happy-for-now scenario, can seem like an elusive dream.

Lesbian Romance

Here Come the Grooms!

Gay Fiction Romance Drama Anthology

Four Weddings and A Scandal! Not Such a Stranger Bound by Consent Weathering The Storm

What is a girl to do when a simple supper invitation turns into a night of seduction?

Lesbian Erotica

Loving Ellie Consuming Passion

Who wouldn’t want another happy ending?

Gay Romance

These carpenters had all the right tools to make Brady happy.

Gay Erotica Gangbang

What do you do when the town MILF is your own dad?

Transgender Erotica MILF

OMG! My Dad’s Got Tits!

Dex has everything, except a conscience.

Bisexual, Group / Orgy / Menage

The Dex Factor

Wanted: Fake boyfriend. Paid Position

Gay Romance, college jocks, college nerd

Beauty and the Leased

Terminal boredom leads to terminal excess

Gay Erotica Airport Hookup Older/Younger

Man of the Hour Sold by My Stepdad

The son will come out tomorrow!

Gay Erotica Older/Younger Taboo Fantasy

Like Father Like Son

Even creatures of the night need love.

Gay Fiction, Supernatural, Romance

Not all Santas are fat, old bastards.

Gay Romance Age Gap Christmas

If auld acquaintances weren’t forgotten there really would be fireworks!

Gay Erotica, Orgy, Voyeurism

Roses are red, my love…Everyone else he blew.

M/M+++, Gay Erotica, Public Sex

Valentine’s Way Seduced by a Stranger

A bus route to Hades is one hell of a ride.

Gay Paranormal Group / Orgy / Ménage

The whole neighborhood is hard for his boyfriend.

Erotic Romance Gay Cuckold Multiple Partners

He didn’t realize when he accepted his football boyfriend’s marriage proposal it included the whole team.

Gay Erotica Gangbang Cuckold

If his dad doesn’t want him, he’ll share his sexual favours amongst dad’s best friends.

Gay Erotica Older/Younger Taboo Fantasy

Caught with his pants down by his boyfriend’s work mates.

Gay Erotica, Gangbang, Cuckold

A Six-Pack for Samson New Year's Steve OMG! Santa’s got a Six-Pack! Sonny & Shared Scared Stiff Chock Full of Jocks What Time Does Your Boyfriend Get Home? Love Springs Anew

Can George slay the feelings he has for the dragon?

M/M Romance Straight to Gay

George & the Christmas Dragon Undeniable Passion

All he needs is a Christmas miracle.

Gay Fiction M/M Romance

Out In The Cold Route 666