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After my glimpse of Scott in his birthday suit that morning, I had walked around campus all day with the hard-on from hell. I detoured to the NYU tearooms; they made the food court toilets and cruising parks back home look like convents, and the men of New York were gorgeous and freaky—unlike the trolls back home. The A-level toilet at Bobst was a smorgasbord of men sucking and receiving. I was happier than a fly on shit that I didn’t have another class for the rest of that week. I spent it applying for jobs as movie theatre ushers and copy center techs. I would choose ten places a day to apply, and then it was off to the tea rooms, where I spent three to five hours scavenging for college boys. Figured if I couldn’t be a student there because of shit grades and blue-collar parents, I might as well cruise the bathrooms, sucking West Village dick. I ended up fucking a saucy Latino boy in a handicap stall, then rode the A train back to Fulton with cum on my breath.

Scott hadn’t called, and the room was pitch black when I got in with Scott dead to the world. His covers were kicked off, and one of his legs was dangling off the side of the bed again. Careful not to wake him, I set my backpack against the closet door. My bladder was bursting with appletinis. After I drained my dick, I went straight to bed.

That night something startled me out of my drunken slumber, and it wasn’t the goings on of steel being hauled. I had grown accustomed, able to adapt to the New York noises. I looked to Scott asleep in his bunk. Without my glasses, he was but a blur. I grabbed them off the cover of a collected book of James Schuyler. Scott was at it again, tugging at his dick. I relaxed back into bed, hand under my cotton tint as I watched. He grunted lustfully across from me. He let loose a breathy sigh when he came. Through squinting eyes, I watched him climb out of his bunk. He unfurled some towels from the kitchen to wipe up his mess. Scott had quite the porno dick for a nerdy boy. Mine throbbed so under my comforter, I could have come without touching it. He discarded the stained paper towels and went back to bed. I turned away from him and tried to think of something other than his jack-off session. That next morning, he said nothing; not a word was uttered about the night before.

Dirty Town


eBook Cover Price: 1.99

Length: 34 pdf Pages / 4990 words

M/M Romance,

Heat rating: 2